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Tal Vered

Hagay Vexelbaum

Roy Keidar, ADV

Alon Idan

Daniel Jaglom

The Foundation for Education Advancement in memory of Shai Danor (Reg # 580521037), was established in February 2010 in memory of Shai, an Israeli Air Force pilot who was killed in a training accident on September 10, 2008. The foundation aims to strengthen, support and assist children and youth, in receiving advanced education, by providing advanced technological tools. We believe that 3D printers can be applied in technological and non-technological subjects.

Managing Board Member


Partner and Director of Diamond Capital Group

Holds an MBA from JL Kellogg School of Management

Managing Board Member


Head of Business Development at Diamond Capital Group

Holds a degree in Economics and Business Management from the College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Managing Board Member


Founder of XLN

Holds a graduate degree from Harvard University

Managing Board Member


CFO of Diamond Capital  Group

Holds an MBA from JL Kellogg School of Management

Foundation Manager


B.A. in Economics and Business Management, M.A.in Educational Administration from Bar-Ilan University

12 years of experience in educational administration within an informal framework

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