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Danor Foundation for Education Advancement in Memory of Shai Danor

About Shai Danor

Shai was born on March 4th, 1973. He was a remarkable person and a loving family man, always putting his family at the top of his priorities. Shai was a proud, involved and caring father, and was always an admirable role model to his kids. He was modest, smart, generous and a true friend.


On September 10th 2008, Shai was tragically killed in a training accident, as a rare malfunction caused his helicopter to crash into a sunflower field near Kibbutz Ginegar.


Shai dedicated much of his life to studying, as well as the development and enhancement of himself and the people around him.


During his military service, Shai studied mathematics and computers at the Open University for his undergraduate degree. He studied at his own pace and with great pleasure. After he completed his first degree and while working, he pursued a second undergraduate degree in Life Sciences. He attended out of curiosity and a genuine desire to know, understand, and develop his interests. Every spare moment was spent learning, and wherever he went he would take his books from the University.


Shai had a love for the land and especially the sky, which he defended whenever he was called to reserve duty.


Shai’s squadron commander, Ofir Ganeni, gave a eulogy following Shai’s tragic passing: “Shai was a great pilot and a perfectionist. An outstanding student. An athlete and a true soldier who served 100 days of reserve duty a year… you were a gentleman and a fighter”.


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Shai in beautiful moment with his family smiling at the camera
Shai climbs to the helicopter with his overall and smiles

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