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'Hillel' Foundation was established in 1991 with the aim of assisting those in question from the ultra-Orthodox communities in the country. ('Hillel').

When a person chooses to become non-religious, he faces many and varied difficulties and challenges, like family disconnection (most of them are living without the financial or mental support of their family) adapting to the social conventions in secular society and more.

'Hillel' helps those becoming non-religious by providing first-class services such as accommodation, clothing and food, social assistance and counseling. Later, the association continues to accompany until finding permanent housing, acquiring an education and recruiting for employment.

In the activity centers of 'Hillel', community social meetings are held to help young men and women create social connections and find a supportive environment in which they feel identified and accepted.

The association has set up emergency centers that give those youth becoming non-religious a safe home, which allows them to accommodate to the new situation they are in and start a new path in the secular community.

After leaving the emergency centers for the youth, it is possible to live in a transitional apartment when combining work in the economy in society and in the community, until finding a permanent and stable place to live when leaving the apartment.

We at the 'DENOR' assist 'Hillel' Association by providing scholarships to students who do not receive support from home and are studying scientific technological subjects. These scholarships are life scholarships that help these young people integrate into their new daily lives, and open up fresh and diverse worlds for the professions that build their future.

The purpose of the association is to help them integrate into daily life.

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