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Danor Foundation for Education Advancement in Memory of Shai Danor

Queen B foundation

'Queen B' was founded by computer science students from the 'Hebrew University' due to the small number of women in the technological studies around them.

The purpose of the association is to encourage women to choose to engage in technological professions. ('Queen B').

As part of the association, meetings and lessons are held on programming languages ​​(Java Script and HTML) and applications development.

The classes also incorporate social and educational worlds that provide participants with many tools and values.

The sessions are delivered by various female students from around the country that studies in scientific technology groups (such as computer science, engineering professions and etc) and received a scholarship for their contribution to the institution in which they study.

The delivery of the sessions by female students gives the young girls a role model and various characters from whom inspiration can be drawn, which contributes to strengthening the sense of belonging and confidence at work and learning different technological professions.

Every year, the 'Queen B' Foundation event is held in which hundreds of girls participate in mentoring dozens of female students and in collaboration with industry activists who help as mentors for girls. 

At 'DANOR', we help 'Queen B' through funding scholarships for students active in the organization. The scholarships help many female students to cope with economic difficulties they face during their technological studies and also allow them to be an admirable figure among young girls who are at the beginning of their path in the technological world.

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