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Danor Foundation for Education Advancement in Memory of Shai Danor

Atid Plus

The association runs emerging educational programs in the fields of math, science and ceremonies in local authorities and youth villages. ('Atid Plus')

Through these features, 'Atid Plus' children are exposed to new worlds of music content and acquire skills and tools essential for developing a sense of style and success later in life and in facing the challenges of the 21st century.

The association believes that placing value on excellence, personal accompaniment and positive modeling strengthen the sense of ability of 'Atid Plus' children to grow up to be significant adults in their eyes and in the Israeli Community.

The association offers an interdisciplinary and applied personal manager in maintaining innovative learning and technologies that encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and personal growth.

We at 'DENOR' assist 'Atid Plus' in providing scholarships to students who volunteer in the science and technology programs that the association runs in the youth villages, so that students can address more children from the social periphery, who need all the educational support they can get.

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