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Danor Foundation for Education Advancement in Memory of Shai Danor

Shazar Junior High School, Bat Yam

The program at the Shazar junior high school included semester and annual lessons which provided the pupils with information in the field of entrepreneurship and creativity. The program was designed to advance all 190 students in the 7th and 8th grades who took part in the course. At the end of the school year, an event was held and the students presented their projects and printing works which they worked on during the year.



“Shazar middle school students in Bat Yam won big time!


This is the second year that our students have had the privilege of learning one of the most innovative fields on a national and global level. 
Our students studied entrepreneurship courses in 2D and 3D printing. All of this thanks to funding by the Association for Education Advancement in memory of Shai Danor.
The members of the association and its CEO, Alon Idan, supported us with the view that every child deserves an opportunity, and not just excellent students. The association funded the professional training provided by XLN centers to entire classes during the school year. The association advocates an equal opportunities agenda delivered through high professional standards, besides modesty and attentiveness to all students. 
The joint work was an empowering experience for the students and the teaching staff, as many noticed and began to realize the potential of creating physical models that accompany their work. 
This option extends the alternate assessment in the course of significant study, and since most of the work is done in groups, there is an empowerment of the group as a whole and not only of the brightest students.
We appreciate your help and support in helping our students to become leaders in innovation."


(Doris Lifshitz, Principle of Shazar Junior High School, Bat Yam)

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