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Danor Foundation for Education Advancement in Memory of Shai Danor

TaasYeda Project

Entrepreneurship and creativity through 3D printing

The foundation was established and financed to support the teaching of 3D printing through academic based courses across a variety of schools in Israel's center and peripheral areas. The program has been highly successful in the schools where it has operated and is now commencing its second year, where the courses will be made available to about 1,000 students. The program also implemented a training course for teachers who will help schools integrate the advantages of 3D printing into various subjects. The project was carried out in cooperation with XLN, which provides the general population with access to advanced technology and strengthens the link between the educational and technological communities.

This program gives students an opportunity to be exposed to and experiment with 3D printing technology (what is 3D printing?). The program is specifically tailored for junior-high students at schools selected for this purpose. The activity is conducted in groups throughout the year, and provides students with unmediated access to technology while exposing them to various creative options, increases technological literacy, introduces students to the world of 3D-printing and 3D printers, increases the sense of personal and group competence and encourages creativity and entrepreneurship.

During the program, students learn the basic requirements for a new venture with an emphasis on teamwork, planning and problem solving, physical tools (modeling and printing), familiarity with advanced technological tools and strengthening their aptitude of turning a product into an idea. 

The works of Maxim Talenkov, 8th grader from Bat-Yam, are very impressive, and the most impressive of all was chosen as the best among dozens of models, and he won the excellence award.

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